Our Story

Our Mission 

Bringing rituals back into modern life as part of self-care. Embracing the feminine and the cyclical nature of life. 

Meet our impactful creators 


Each of the products in the Ritual Boxes is specially handcrafted by women artisans in Portugal. 

We aspire to support traditional trades and ancient knowledge through persons and projects that share our values.

One of these is Teresa from Mamitay, a herbalist who works with plants and essential oils extracted from homegrown or from ethical and respectful local harvests in Portugal.

Mamitay sources the organic raw materials and lovingly crafts the herbal balm and floral sprays that are tailored for each box.

We love the @aavoveiotrabalhar project that supports grannies who come to work with their hands. 

Crafting the most beautiful products with their hands, each of our altar cloths / bowl wraps is individually hand made by a granny from natural organic fibres. 

What we adore is that we have women from all stages of the journey of life contributing to our ritual boxes with their talents.


A beautiful encounter 

 Lizette de Groot & Mar Michelle Häusler    

Having grown up without clear rites of passage into womanhood, and feeling disconnected from the embracing of the feminine cycle - we both felt navigated to reject the natural cycle of womanhood in male dominated structures. 
Each in our own ways, we had to find our path to create sacred spaces, rituals and to connect to our feminine cycle.
Mar started hosting womens, yoni steaming and singing circles in Lisbon in her home in 2019. Where Liz and Mar met in a women’s circle and then steamed together in a Yoni steaming circle.
With the birth of Mar’s son, her creative journey with ceramics began with Womb Bowls, bowls created by hand for the intention of the centre of the circle, rituals and self-care practices. Liz was one of her first clients to order a bowl. 
Through their encounter and weaving their gifts together, Ritual Boxes were born.
Living in Portugal, they want to bring the craft of local women artisans from different backgrounds and ages to hand-make the contents and elements for your rituals. 
They are created through different hands, with local elements and loving intention to bring the sacred back into your daily life.